What is a Punchout Enablement?

Enterprise Companies and Large Organizations use procurement software to manage their spend.  This e-Procurement software allows them to control and manage budgets, control spend, and more importantly reduce complicated process setbacks.  We have the ability to integrate with multiple e-Procurement software architectures.  We integrate with software such as PeopleSoft, Ariba, Lawson, SciQuest, Oracle, and more. Most large organizations don’t realize that they can have a customized stationery catalog available to them in their procurement platform.  Because of this, they usually keep stationery separate from their procurement strategy.  We make it entirely possible for companies to integrate a completely custom stationery ordering experience inside their procurement portal, so that they can take advantage of the benefits that streamlined procurement offers.  We enable you to have a shopping catalog of custom print items on your intranet ordering portal, that exists along side your other intranet catalogs.  We do this through a technology term called Punchout.  The process for completing this task is called an Enablement.

Punchout Enablement Program

Our Punchout Enablement Program is the best in the industry.  We make the enablement process fast and simple.  We work with your team to setup stationery ordering templates.  We lock down your branding standards and specifications with your team, and setup the ordering portal with the end user (your employees) in mind.  We make the ordering experience as easy as possible, so that everyone in your organization can effectively order business cards and stationery without any issues, from the most tech savvy to the least.  We take a common sense approach, and setup the ordering process in a logical manner.  We then go through a short testing period to work out any concerns with branding and workflow, and then we are ready for launch!

Reduce Print Spend

At the end of the day, it’s all about lowering the bottom line.  By consolidating your printing to one reputable vendor, you can dramatically control costs, quality, branding, and receive volume discounts.  We have saved our clients over 30% in most cases.  Take advantage of your buying power, and see how we can give you the best quality, the best price, and the best customer service.

Key Points:

  • cXML Punchout Technology
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Volume Discounts
  • Quality Control
  • Branding Control
  • Easy, Simple, Fast Ordering
  • Reduced Turnaround Times
  • Streamlined Order Flow
  • Happy Employees
  • Happy Management


We have launched hundreds of Web-to-Print B2B solutions, including fortune 100 companies.  We’ve setup thousands of custom print templates, and understand that little details matter.  Procurement integration is part of our online offering, and proves to be a very effective way of handling business. You can rest easy that you will get special treatment and personalized care through your enablement. To ask your questions and learn more:

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