Terms of Service / Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the supply of printed materials and IT Solutions provided by Corporate Business Cards, Ltd., 123easyprint.com. Corporate Business Cards, Ltd. (Referred to as CBC)

Contents of this Agreement

1 Basis of Agreement
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Quality Assurance
1.4 Confidentiality
1.5 Communications and Access
1.6 Visual Identity
1.7 Structure/Default

2 Services: Production of Print
2.1 Aim
2.2 Performance Objectives
2.3 Client Undertaking

3 Services: IT/e-commerce
3.1 Aim
3.2 Client Responsibility
3.3 Client Undertaking for e-commerce Enablement

1 Basis of Agreement

1.1 Introduction

CBC works to provide a reliable, responsive and forward-looking service that guarantees the best value for money on the printed materials they need to deliver on behalf or to their respective clients.

1.2 Purpose

This agreement describes the individual services, making up the total print services available from CBC. It also provides users with a guide to the information that is required by CBC to enable the satisfactory production of printed materials and IT related solutions.

1.3 Quality Assurance

CBC attaches the highest importance to the quality of the services to be provided to all users. The quality of production will be of a high standard and regular quality inspections will be undertaken during the printing process. Jobs which do not meet the agreed standard will be rejected, and will be re-printed at no additional cost. We endeavor to meet the requirements of all current good working principles and utilize industry proven best practices to ensure client satisfaction.

1.4 Confidentiality

Both parties will comply with the terms of current legislation with regard to information and respect its confidentiality, respecting individual user interests.

1.5 Communications and Access

All contact concerning printed materials, design, estimates, website related inquiries, order status and general customer support should be made to our Support Help Desk by sending an email to our Support Desk (support [ at ] corpbuscards.com). Our offices can be reached by phone at (847) 455-5760. Our primary source for communication is through our Support Help Desk, which allows us to collectively work and service the needs of our clients in an organized and monitored fashion. CBC welcomes scheduled plant visits from its partners and clients by prior arrangement.

1.6 Visual Identity

All printed materials will conform to the client’s visual identity specifications. The identity applies to all aspects of the client’s visual communications, both internal and external; including stationery, publications, advertising, and IT related branding.

The identity will be applied consistently across the client’s account according to their specifications. The cooperation of every member of staff in achieving this objective will ensure that the identity works strongly in the client’s favor.

1.7 Structure/Default

Every attempt will be made to rectify any problems between users and the client. Should any difficulties be encountered they should initially be raised with the General Manager. If agreement is not satisfactorily obtained the matter should be pursued with the President of CBC.

2 Services: Production of Print

2.1 Aim

CBC aims to provide a professional service regarding the production of print and at a fair and reasonable cost to all users. It also further undertakes to:

2.1.1 Act as a focal point for users regarding discussions concerning the design and the appropriate specification for print, ensuring that users have full support to create the most appropriate print for their requirements.

2.1.2 Provide estimates of cost if required by users.

2.1.3 Provide a graphic design service which includes creative design and artwork through to platemaking stage. External designers or agencies may be used in appropriate situations. Our typesetting and graphic design services are billed at an hourly rate and are separate.

2.1.4 Produce origination and platemaking prior to the production of print. A comprehensive range of type styles and sizes are available for the full range of printed materials to meet the visual identity.

2.1.5 Offer a full range of paper and stock choices for printing to meet project objectives for brand integrity.

2.1.6 Prepare proofs for all new jobs and for those with major amendments, prior to print production, giving users the opportunity to proofread and check the contents of each job and to view the style and layout. PDF proofs are the standard method used. Some projects that require extensive proofing may carry additional labor fees billed at an hourly rate.

2.1.7 Provide a finishing service which includes drilling, folding, gluing, padding, foiling, embossing, die cutting, stapling (stitching) as well as other uncommon finishing services.

2.2 Performance Objectives

2.2.1 Goals

  • Produce print to a high level of quality and in accordance with the visual identity.
  • Provide a rapid response to users in accordance with the following schedule:
  • 5 to 7 production days for 90% of the items we produce. Other custom and more complex items require a longer lead time due to production and material requirements.

Note: All items must be approved by the client, before being passed to the Production Unit for production, and only after approval will the production timeframe commence. If we are unable to achieve any of the above time tables, the client will immediately be advised of the situation and a revised delivery scheduled will be agreed.

2.2.2 Rush Production

Production Rush Requirements should be emailed to our Support Help Desk at (support [ at ] corpbuscards.com). Production Rushes are separate from Expedited Shipping Requests. Rushing the production of a product ensures that the project is placed ahead of other scheduled jobs and will be printed separately than similar orders for the client, which may result in extra production materials and stock usage. Production Rush fees are applicable and are as follows:

  • 2-Day 48-Hour Production Rush* – $40.00 (Expedited Shipping Charges are Separate)
  • 3-Day 72-Hour Production Rush* – $30.00 (Expedited Shipping Charges are Separate)

*Note: All Production Rush Requests are only applicable to products that can be produced within that timeframe. Not all print products may be produced in a Production Rush window. Also note that Expedited Shipping is separate and carries additional charges depending on the delivery service level chosen.

2.3 Client Undertaking

It is important that users are able to provide a clear specification of their print requirements. The following information should be advised when commissioning work to be undertaken:

  • Budget Allocation and Purchase Order Numbers
  • Quantity (If applicable, Annual Order Volume)
  • Sizes
  • Content
  • Typesetting and Artwork Requirements
  • Color of Ink Preferences
  • Material – Paper Specifications e.g. Brand/Product Line/Color/Weight/Finish
  • Product Finishing e.g. Folding/Gluing/Embossing/Foiling/Drilling

3 Services: IT/e-commerce

3.1 Aim

CBC aims to provide an easy, secure and highly available e-commerce experience to users. We utilize the best high tech platform for achieving a desirable and manageable experience for clients printing needs.

It also further undertakes to:

3.1.1 Ensure that all ordering is in accordance with the visual identity and specifications for the client.

3.1.2 Work with the client on workflow options including various location addresses, departments, approvers, and delivery specification.

3.1.3 Offer different client access options such as cXML Punchout capability, individual ordering options, and separate portals for special use case scenarios.

3.1.4 Present an easy and familiar e-commerce ordering experience.

3.1.5 Allow online real-time proofing and approval of all print related items including variable items such as business cards and stationery.

3.1.6 Allow the client access to order history and Excel reporting capabilities based on order history.

3.2 Client Responsibility

Note: All items presented and ordered online are proof approved by the user at the time of ordering. No human intervention on our part is involved with the proof approved artwork that is submitted through the website. It is the clients’ responsibility and obligation to ensure that the content submitted on these items is accurate. We will not be responsible for errors in content. CBC will only be responsible for the physical quality of the finished product produced. In addition, we cannot submit orders on behalf of the client.

Content Errors and 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

*Disclaimer: For new orders and template additions/updates; please double check for accuracy before placing any orders. We cannot be responsible for inaccuracies in printing due to client failure to proofread items before they are submitted. Please remember our policy is “What you see is what prints”. Furthermore, it is our Policy to have the client cancel an order that has been submitted with content errors, and to re-submit a new order. We cannot make changes to client proof approved orders, as there shall be no human intervention with client submitted and proof approved order artwork.

All orders submitted will be held for 24 hours before being submitted into production. The client will be able to cancel an order within these 24 hours. After 24 hours, orders may already be in production and will be billed at full price regardless of the amount of work completed up to that point. Orders requested with a Production Rush cannot be cancelled due to the imperative nature of starting production immediately upon order submission.

3.3 Client Undertaking for e-Commerce Enablement

To be able to furnish an e-commerce solution to the client, it is important that we obtain full details of the requirements. The following criteria will be required to be met prior to the e-commerce enablement process:

  • Final Approved Artwork Template Designs for all products to be included on the site.
  • Final Approved Pricing and Quantities for each item to be included on the site.
  • Final Approved Specifications for each item to be included on the site.
  • Excel List of all applicable Printed Addresses and Delivery Locations.
  • Excel List of all Departments and or Cost Centers
  • An Established Workflow Process. e.g. Approvers, One User vs. Multiple Users.
  • cXML Punchout, Payment Method and or Invoicing Requirements