Corporate Business Cards

There was a void in the Printing Industry for a Manufacturer who could deliver on Quality, Affordability and Service.  To fill that void, Corporate Business Cards was started in 1989 by Richard Letarte.  Rich saw a need for a dependable company that catered to Large Corporations and Printing Affiliates.

Throughout the 90’s, Corporate Business Cards came to the forefront in the industry, to deliver High Quality and High Valued printed products to people across the World.  Delivering on promises and values, Corporate Business Cards prides itself in the work that it does and the people they continue to help.

What We Do

We manufacture and distribute quality stationery products to Medium and Large Corporations around the World.  We print Millions of Business Cards monthly, and match it to Letterhead, Envelopes, Labels, NCR Forms, and more.

Why Us?

Quality – We strive to achieve the highest standard in quality, without compromising price.  We have various quality control efforts in place, that ensure a best of breed product for your company.

Affordability – We understand that market dictates print pricing.  We have an open door policy when it comes to pricing.  Most of the time we beat competitors both on price and continued savings due to less errors and a better product.

Service – Customer Service is at the core of our company.  We have been servicing the Corporate and Wholesale Markets since 1989.  We understand that everyone requires a unique and catered level of Customer Service.  We utilize the best of technology to service our customers better than any other printer.

Advantages of Working with Us

We have found the internet a wonderful resource for making purchasing easier.  We have an online ordering system that streamlines the process and with instant online proofing, you can place orders with the knowledge that your finished product will look great and arrive error free.  *See Web-to-Print

Cost Savings

Did you know that when you have a business card that is foil stamped, embossed or prints in more than one color a Master Card program may help your company keep costs down?  There is more than one way to handle your printing needs and we are interested in helping you get the products you need within your budget.


Being centrally located in the Midwest and minutes away from Chicago O’Hare International Airport helps to reduce your shipping costs and delivery time to your branches and offices located throughout the United States.  * UPS and FedEx Shipping Available

Contact us today at (847) 455-5760 or Toll Free (800) 279-PRINT